In a world where credit scores affect our ability to avail a phone contract or even get approved for a loan, the term “guarantee” might seem like a sick joke. It is akin to rubbing chillie on an open wound. In yester years, the issue of credit rating was so big that it was almost a foregone conclusion that getting rejected was all but assured when someone sought for a phone contract or a loan. Well, that was then. The mushrooming of bad credit phone contracts providers in recent years has indeed changed the ballgame and now getting approved for a phone contract even if you have a poor credit rating is nothing more than a mere formality.

When bad credit contracts such as “no credit check mobile phones” and “guaranteed mobile phone contracts” were introduced into the market, naysayers were quick to shrug it off as a passing cloud. However, if the success of guaranteed mobile phone contracts in the UK is anything to go by, we at Park Phones can dare say without a shadow of a doubt that it is here to stay for many more years. When we threw our hat into the bad credit mobile phone industry, we did so because we wanted to change the narrative and positively impact the lives of UK individuals with a poor credit rating.

Park Phones came into being as a response to the scores of UK individuals who were treated as second class citizens as a result of their credit score status. We also wanted to bring about a change, breathe a new lease of life to an industry that had been hijacked by unscrupulous providers swindling unsuspecting customers right left and centre. In other words, here at Park Phones, we are all about doing things differently and giving our customers value for money.

Since inception, we have steadily rose through the ranks to become one of the most credible, professional, reputable and reliable guaranteed mobile phone contract providers in the UK. Our strong forte has been our ability to treat our customers as the most important asset of our business while at the same time ensuring that they get affordable guaranteed mobile phone contracts. At Park Phones, we are of the opinion that our ultimate success is hinged on how well we treat our customers not to mention how satisfied they are with our services.

It is on this backdrop that our services are anchored on total quality management principles with a strong bias towards customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and innovative technologies. To us, we see you as a reliable customer that is key to our success as a business as opposed to a liability or a business risk. We understand that you might be having concerns regarding your credit rating status. Well, you need not worry as we have a solution to each and every single of your worries.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an average credit score or a history of arrears. You can be rest assured that we have different types of guaranteed mobile phone contracts product suited for you. So long as you are a UK citizen, an adult of sound mind and willing to get approved for a phone contract, we give you the assurance that we are the people you should be doing business with.

Our goal is to help you meet your needs while at the same time giving you all the necessary support to rebuild your credit score. If you are keen on learning more regarding guaranteed mobile phone contracts, how to go about them, the rates as well as how you stand to benefit from one, feel free to visit Provided that you are eligible and furnish us with everything you need, expect to have your phone within 24 hours latest!