About us

At a glance, we are all about offering cheap and affordable guaranteed mobile phone contracts. However, that is just but one of our core objectives as Park Phones. We are dedicated to enlightening our esteemed customers on how guaranteed phone contracts can change their lives for the better, the underlying benefits as well as how it alleviates inequality in the society. For many years, we have been steadfast in putting a smile in the lives of thousands of UK citizens who initially faced difficulties availing a phone contract.

Our guaranteed mobile phone contracts are real deal and geared towards bringing about an equality and bridging the gap between those with a poor credit rating as well as those with a good credit rating. Our core objective is to help and we can say without any fear of contradiction that we have since inception been able to assist UK citizens in their thousands get approved for a phone contract. Our competitive advantage is informed by the fact that we are professional, ascribe to total quality management principles, offer affordable contracts and willing to accommodate even those that have perennially been rejected.

Our customer personnel are not only highly trained but are also well versed in customer relations. In that regard, you can rest easy in the knowledge that all your concerns will be attended to promptly and any complains resolved in the shortest time possible.