Are you saying that I am guaranteed of a phone contract even if I have a history of CCJs?

You heard right. That is exactly what we are telling you. When you come to us for a phone contract, leave behind your long standing fears about the state of your credit rating or history of CCJs. We do not take that into consideration and neither does it diminish your chances of getting approved for a phone. You are essentially guaranteed of a phone contract provided that you meet eligibility requirements.

How do I apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

Well, it’s not nuclear science really. All you need is expression of interest and proof that you meet all our eligibility requirements. If we are satisfied that you meet all the requirements, we will walk you through the different types of guaranteed mobile phone contracts on offer and give you an application form if you choose one that interests. Alternatively, you can apply online from wherever you are without moving an inch.

Can I get a guaranteed phone contract for 12 months?

While we wish we could approve your contract for a period of 12 months, we are sorry to inform you that we can’t. We have a policy that the minimum contract length for a guaranteed mobile phone contract should not be less than 18 months. So if you are thinking of applying for a guaranteed phone contract with us, be ready to commit for at least 18 months.

I am interested in the latest Samsung galaxy s8. What are my chances?

Truthfully speaking, your chances of landing a Samsung galaxy s8 without a down payment is almost nil. You see, a Samsung galaxy S8 is a high end phone that is also very expensive which means we shall be bearing the greatest risk should things go south. As such, the only time we can approve your request for a Samsung galaxy S8 is if you part with a substantial security deposit.

Can I repay my contract earlier?

Yes! If you have the means, we encourage you to repay your contract within the shortest time possible. We guarantee you that you won’t be penalised for that. In fact, repaying early is in your best interests as it positively reflects on your credit report.

Can I be considered for a guaranteed phone contract if I am employed?

Proof of income is important before we can approve your application for a phone contract. If you are not employed, it is important that you show us proof of income even if you are self-employed. It is not in our interest to approve you for a phone contract that you will be unable to repay.

Is it possible to upgrade to a better phone after a few months?

With our guaranteed mobile phone contracts, your account can only be considered for an upgrade if you have been diligent in paying your monthly instalments without fail. We always review accounts after a couple of months and if your account qualifies, you will without a doubt be recommended and allowed for an upgrade.

What happens in the event I am unable to pay my monthly instalments?

If you encounter any financial difficulties while repaying your contract as a result of job loss or any other reason, we recommend that you inform us so that we can try to help each other out. We always try to come up with a new draft that reflects your current financial position. However, going mum and dodging all attempts at communication will of course see your credit score worsening which is quite detrimental to you in so far as future loan and mobile phone contract approvals are concerned.