Here is why you should go for guaranteed mobile phone contracts!

Be it as it may, we all can related to that hollow empty feeling when someone turns us away from availing a phone contract simply because our credit score is nothing to write home about. In such moments, we feel despised, discriminated upon and second class citizens. As dehumanising as this feeling is, it is what thousands of UK citizens with a poor credit rating have had to contend with every time they sought to be approved for a phone contract. Well, apparently, rejections were the order of the day until guaranteed phone contracts, no credit check phones and bad credit phones made an entry into the UK market.

In one swoop, the gap had been bridged and it didn’t matter anymore if one had an excellent credit rating or a history of arrears. Getting approved for a phone contract became the rule rather than the exception. With the allure of “guarantee” thousands of UK citizens with a less than average credit score could now breathe a sigh of relief. That said, why should you consider applying or going for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?


If you have in the past been limited to a particular plan simply because your credit rating was nothing to write home about, relax. Most guaranteed phone contracts give you flexibility to choose a plan you are most comfortable with. In other words, you are not restricted to a single plan but rather you are at liberty to choose a plan that best suits not only your budget but also your tastes and preferences.

Credit history not an issue

Someone say hallelujah! I mean, the idea that your credit score was a major obstacle in landing a phone contract or even getting approved for a loan in the past should get you excited by this revelation. Irrespective of whether you have bad credit, no credit or has a history of arrears, you can easily avail a guaranteed phone contract without having to worry about the state of your credit score.


You probably have been told that upgrading to a better phone when you have bad credit is wishful thinking. Well, that’s not the case. Most UK providers allow you to upgrade to a better handset of your choice after six months provided that your account is in good standing.


You actually don’t need to change your number when you apply for a guaranteed phone contract. You get to keep and continue using your old phone number and therefore don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of having to tell your friends that you changed your number.

Rebuilding credit score

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of going for a guaranteed phone contract is the fact that it accords you the perfect opportunity to rebuild your credit score or build it from scratch. The secret is to ensure you don’t default in your payments.

In light of the above, while guaranteed phone contracts tend to be exorbitant, it goes without saying that the benefits far outweigh the demerits!