Questions to ask a guaranteed phone contract provider

Considering the fact that we live in the information age, there is no reason or excuse as to why you should make an informed decision. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to put your foot down and try to engage a phone contract provider on a number of issues before signing up. We understand that you probably might be desperate and willing to overlook a few things but trust me when I say that’s a grave mistake you don’t wish to make. With so many providers offering guaranteed phone contracts in the UK, it is only advisable that you be safe rather than sorry.

That said, here are a number of questions you should ask a guaranteed phone contract provider prior to doing business with them.

1. How does my history of arrears affect my guaranteed phone contract application?

This might seem like a useless question considering that you are applying for a guaranteed phone contract but trust me when I say “guarantee” is not used in the literal sense of the word. There are caveats if I may use that word. You see, there are certain providers that insist on a security deposit prior to approval especially in situations where a person has a history of arrears or filed for bankruptcy in the past.

2. Am I entitled for an upgrade?

You will agree with me that there is nothing as disheartening as learning midway your contract that you cannot upgrade to a new handset that has hit the market. The fact that you have a poor credit rating shouldn’t be used to deny you an opportunity for an upgrade in the foreseeable future. You therefore need to ask upfront if you are entitled for an upgrade in the future or not.

3. Are there any hidden charges?

Don’t be blinded with the sweet talking agents who have nothing nice to say about the plan you are about to sign up for. Ask explicitly if there are any hidden charges on top of what they have disclosed. Even if they say no, do not take their word for it but rather comb through the fine print and only sign if you are satisfied with the terms of the contract.

4. What is the exact contract length of the plan in question?

Many providers are quick to state that the guaranteed phone contract in question will last for 12 months only for you to learn later that you are locked in for 18 months or more. This is another reason as to why you should always read the fine print prior to appending your signature on the contract. Knowing the exact contract length period is important because it enables you to budget for your finances and even plan for the future.

To sum it up, there are many questions you can ask your provider but the above 4 are the most important. Never take everything your provider tells you as gospel truth as there are many that are simply out to make profits!